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Kerala Tour

Known as the 'Spice Coast of India', Kerala is a state on the Coast of southwestern Malabar in India with beautiful backwaters covering almost half of the length of Kerala. Kerala is home to one of the eight hottest ecological hotspots in the world and is thus one of the best places to visit to witness its scenic beauty. Kerala is the only state with the maximum number of festivals being celebrated, like Onam. To enjoy the most, it will be best to visit Kerela in the winter season, starting from November till February.

Kerala has been exposed to a myriad of foreign influences via its long coastline; consequently, the state has developed a unique culture within the subcontinent be it in their language i.e. Malayalam or be it their food.

Blessed with the best and amazing natural beauty at its best and greenery in the best and densely covered, Kerala always attracts tourists from across the world and persuade them to plan a trip for the wonderful experience that they love to enjoy. Choose the right Kerala tour packages is an ideal decision to make that will keep you worry free from worrying about accommodation, sightseeing, Yoga & Ayurveda, multi-cuisine food and a lot more.

Kerala tour packages are offered by Himalayan Trips India - well-planned by keeping in mind all your essential touring requirements. We cover all the prime beaches on the coastline of Arabian sea, beauty of Western Ghats and its amazing cities that are blessed with architectural wonders and natural beauty.

Plan a trip with us and enjoy the pleasant time. Our tour packages are customized according to your requirement to make your tour memorable.

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