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Outstation Car Rental From Delhi

Because of the International Airport that covers almost 500 km of area in all sides, Delhi witnesses a heavy influx of tourists from across the world, which come to plan a leisurely trip or business trip and often look for some of the best and convenient ways to commute from one destination to another. Here, you will come to know about the importance of outstation car rental from Delhi that is an ideal way to enhance your experience of enjoying the pleasant time of your tour.

Himalayan Trips India offers you outstation car rental from Delhi that will be a wonderful experience for you to plan a trip and enjoy the pleasant time that you wish to enjoy. Choice is yours; you can pre-book car of your choice from a mini car to sedan to SUV and from van to mini-bus to any kind of other vehicle.

We ensure you will get the right journey experience. Feel free to contact us for outstation car rental from Delhi.

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Why rent a Car


You have a long distance to travel and you know you have to be on the road for long periods of time without any stop then, a four wheeler is the best option to choose. On any kind of two wheeler it's very difficult to hold on for elongated time spans. Inside a car, you're well protected from the effects of weather also, like rain, extreme heat and cold weather as well. All age groups of people can find themselves comfortable traveling in a car.

According to your requirements, you can choose from the varying range of cars available. A sedan or Xuv for greater comfort and you can always opt for bigger cars if you have an increase in the number of people travelling along. Taking public transport rips you off the privilege of traveling at your own pace according to your desired time and space. When you rent a car, you're the master of your own journey and you can plan the entire trip as you like it. Cars can help you cut down on hotel or lounging charges also at times. There are certain people who prefer to sleep in their cars only, so that they can cut on the cost of staying at a hotel and invest that money at another location.

Procedure to rent a car

If you're choosing to rent a car, you must be aware of the functionalities of the particular model you're taking as the foremost step. You should only choose a car keeping in mind the terrain you are going to follow. Like a mountain road would be more supportive of a certain model of cars while it will be difficult for all the cars to embark on a journey through the mountains or a dessert. The cars which are perfect for a drive in the country roads or the planes might not be able to keep themselves up in bumpy hilly areas. Secondly it's very essential to compare the milleage that the car is providing, so that refuelling the car doesn't burn a hole in your pocket everytime and you don't regret the decision later on. You must own an updated driving license for a four wheeler and an ID proof when you're going to pickup the car. It is recommended that you make a proper enquiry and shortlist the rental services in a particular area through online services before physically going there. Compare the prices and the range of cars available and them finalise a particular company accordingly. It turns out to be more feasible when you've done your research prior to approaching the ground zero. In this way you'll be well versed with all the parts and features of your desired car as well making the process of enquiry and finalisation easier.

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You have not enjoyed the very best of car hire until you experience our options at Himalayan Trips India. Our cabs for hire are in top shape because we have the experts that check and satisfy every cab roadworthy before they leave our garage. Our drivers are core professionals and will give you a ride that you never imagined while we take you on a smooth ride around tourist attractions in the city. If you are hiring car without driver, then our call executives are more than happy to guide you if you are lost and are full of suggestions about the things you should experience while in India. You are covered with the latest in the technology of today inside our cab. Just give us the call now for your booking. We promise you an experience that you will leave to remember. By partnering with us at Himalayan Trips India, you are going to add the extra to your experience on your tourist visit.

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